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If we define "political economy" as the integration of political and economic factors in our analysis of modern society then this book breaks down complex economic concepts and theories into easily understandable language, making it accessible to the general public. It is designed for those who are less inclined towards mathematical resources but still want to grasp the fundamentals of economics and how they translate into political economy. It brings to light how can economic crises be eradicated, why it sets up a trustable global society, and what has been preventing us from doing it before. The understanding of this work will bring peace, joy, and happiness to our planet. It is a shortcut to a peaceful revolution. It shows how to empower and lead every single person to feel free. It is about knowing what to do without hate or anger. It is meant to be read by anyone who wants to make a difference.

Virtuous Economics

Studying economics is a permanent challenge right from the start. What is economics all about? Why does it matter? How does economics make a difference? When is it time to deploy economic guidelines? Who must hold responsibility for the economy? Beyond the words of common sense, this work fosters a continuous dialogue on virtuous economic thoughts. It explains why economic development depends on institutional economics and how can society consistently raise positive opportunistic behavior's foundations. The book is targeting university students and teachers who seek to extend their understanding of economics and analyze an out-of-the-box approach to both theory and practice.

Full Employment in Our Global Village

There is a deep connection between human behavior, the financial system, and the existence of employment. Full employment, as a precious asset valued by society, has been positioned by economics as one of its main targets. Dominant theories define economic growth as the process by which full employment can be achieved, positioning full employment as the arrival point after the implementation of successful policies. Based on the main economic theories developed so far - Classical, Keynesian, and Schumpeterian - this work presents a conceptual model that integrates the mechanisms of economic and social cooperation for fostering both economic growth and social utility; and concludes that full employment can be settled as the starting point for the whole process.

The Core of a Successful Economy

This portfolio item follows the deep explanation given in the book "Full Employment in Our Global Village" and provides a shorter and simpler exposition of how to tweak the economic environment to boost development. It answers a number of pertinent questions. Why is unemployment a reality even when the world economies are under a positive trend? How can inflation persist if new investment is consistently coming in, delivering new products at lower prices? If the investment is continuously increasing under this positive tone then why are ordinary people's savings worth nothing anywhere? If entrepreneurs' investment leads to the existence of more firms, more employment, more products, and lower prices, then what explains economic inequality to be growing? It offers insights into the economic factors contributing to poverty and proposes actionable steps to address this pressing issue.

Allways in Positive Mode

In this portfolio item, I provide a practical tool that enables CEOs to assess what pressing actions need to be taken according to their firm's specificities without having to rely on insufficient results to get a clue. Besides enhancing firms with the ability to identify inner problems at early stages of development, this work also presents insights on how to efficiently integrate the use of AI technologies with the remaining operational departments for setting up the corporation in a consistent, and continuous, positive mode. This work focuses on the dynamics of both the rational and the emotional state of any organization and how their evolution over time can be controlled. Mainly, this work addresses healthy managerial practices.

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Below you will find a practical tool to identify what actions need to be prioritized within your organization. Simply, download the file "alwaysinpositivemode_pratical_tables.pdf" and place a yellow box mark around the level reached by your company regarding each one of the six crucial performance factors.

Due to its extended contribution to the understanding of economics, the author provides the free download of the book "Virtuous Economics" in pdf format only.

This article highlights the fundamental role of Normative Economics in decision-making and identifies the essential regulatory bases for optimizing economic and social development.


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